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Q: Regarding the monitoring of debit card purchases, is it possible for me to receive phone calls regarding suspicious or unusual transactions?
A: Yes, our debit card provider monitors transactions 24/7.  Based on history, pattern of usage, location, merchant,  etc.... a  transaction deemed suspicious may prompt a phone call to you from the Transaction Review / Card Fraud Department. 

Q: How will a call from the Debit Card Fraud Department appear on caller ID display?
A: A phone call to you from our 24/7 Debit Card Fraud Department may appear as "unknown" in a caller ID display field. 

Q: Will the Debit Card Fraud Department ask for my card number, account number, address and/or social security number?
A: Understand, our Debit Card Fraud Department will already have this information.  They will call the number we have on file for you and ask to verify recent purchases or transactions or possibly provide your address for a yes or no response.   Only when calling the lost/stolen number will you be asked to provide the card number.

Q: Is there a phone number I can call after hours if I suspect fraudulent debit card transactions are occurring on my account?
A: Yes, you can call 1-800-369-4887.  A debit card fraud specialist is available  24 hours a day/7 days a week if you suspect fraud is occurring or has occured on your account.  If you suspect your card has been lost or stolen, please call 1-800-500-1044.  Note,  there are two different numbers, one for fraud, the other for lost/stolen.  Lost/stolen will ask for the card number.

Q: Who is eligible to have a MASTERCARD DEBIT CARD from Bank of Houston, N.A., Dublin Division?
A: We encourage you to apply if:

  1. You already have a checking account in good standing with us, or you are a new customer.
  2. You have no more than 12 NSFs (non-sufficient funds) or returned checks in the past 12 months.
  3. Your loans at DNB (if any) are in good standing.
  4. You are 18 years of age or older (unless your parent is a joint owner on the account and gives written permission for you to receive a card and accepts responsibility for purchases made with the card. Exceptions require management approval.)

NOTE: The bank may obtain a current credit report upon receipt of an application.

Q: How do I apply for a MASTERCARD DEBIT CARD?
A: Pick up an application form in the DNB lobby or call, email or fax a request and we will send one to you. Return the application in person or by mail. (If you choose not to return it to the bank in person, we will call to confirm your application and identifying information.) After approval, you will receive your card in the mail within 7 to 10 days. (Our address information may be found at the end of this document.)

Q: Can I choose my own PIN (Personal Identification Number)?
A: Yes, you may choose your own PIN when activating the card if both the phone number and last 4 of your social match our system.   Once selected, your PIN can be changed at our ATM located at 128 South Patrick Street, Dublin Texas.  

Q: What if I forget my PIN or want to change it?
A: We can assist you to set up a new number.

Q: How will I get my card?
A: Your card will arrive in the mail within a few days after your order is placed.

Q: My spouse and I have a joint checking account. Will we have separate cards?
A: Yes. You will have separate cards linked to your joint account.

Q: How do I activate my card?
A:  You may activate your card by calling  the toll free number printed on the sticker on the front of your card and follow the prompts. If calling from a phone number on file with DNB, you will be prompted to choose a PIN.  You may activate and choose your PIN in one phone call.  If unable to select your PIN, the card (once activated) can be used for signature purchases.

Q: Can I use my MASTERCARD DEBIT CARD outside of the UnitedStates?

A:  Your Dublin National Bank MASTERCARD DEBIT CARD will access the funds in your checking account when used in the United States.  At this time, all transactions requested from outside of the US, will be declined.

Q: Is it necessary to carry a credit card?  I prefer using my MASTERCARD DEBIT CARD for all of my purchases.    A: They may look like a credit card, but debit cards work differently and are not always the best choice.  Keep in mind, stop payments are not an option.   Below, is a list of scenario’s when a credit card would be advantageous:

    >   Online Purchases –if you have a problem with the purchase or the card number is stolen, the debit card is “vulnerable” because it is linked to an account.   Although there are regulations that protect the funds in the checking account, a credit card allows you to receive a statement, review the statement and dispute unauthorized transactions.  A credit card would be a better choice for phone orders as well.

  >   Big Ticket Items-In addition to dispute rights if something goes wrong with the merchandise or the purchase, some credit cards will offer extended warranties. 

  >   Restaurants-one of the few places where you have to let the card leave your sight.  Also, some establishments will approve the card for more than the purchase amount because, presumably, you intend to leave a tip.  So the amount of money frozen for the transaction could be quite a bit more than the tab.  That amount could be “unavailable” to you for a couple of days. 

  >   Buy Now, Take Delivery later-again, a credit card offers dispute rights.

  >   Recurring Payments-have you heard about the gym memberships that just won’t stop?  Those charges will come out of your checking account which affect the amount of funds available to you.

  >   Future Travel-so if you are “buying travel” you won’t use for 6 months, the charge to your account is immediate.  Again, few recourse options and your information could be sitting around in a system for 6 months until you arrive.

  >   Gas Stations/Motels-this options depends on the merchant.  Some gas stations/hotels place holds to cover customers who may leave before settling the final bill, may run up long distance phone charges, and/or trash a room.  If using a credit card, you may not notice, however if using a debit card, you may not have access to the amount on that hold.                                                

Q.  When is using my MASTERCARD DEBIT CARD my best option?
The MASTERCARD DEBIT CARD works like a digitized check book.  Money is debited immediately.  You can only spend the money you have available to you. No interest is charged.  And does not affect credit history.  The debit card works best when you are in person and you have the option to enter a pin number…such as withdrawals from ATM machines and/or purchases at the local store or merchant where a pin number is required.   

Q: Should I treat my card as a credit card or as a debit card when I am asked by a merchant or when I swipe my card through the merchant’s terminal?
A: If you wish to withdraw cash with your purchase, you must select DEBIT and enter your PIN.  Using the PIN, is the preferred method when that option is available. 

Q: Is there a limit on how much I can purchase on my MASTERCARD DEBIT CARD?
A: If you use your card at an ATM, you may withdraw a maximum of $300.00 per day per card or your account balance (whichever is less). You may use the MASTERCARD DEBIT CARD to purchase up to $1,500.00 per day per card, if your available balance is sufficient to cover the total amount of your purchases. Your total of ATM and POS (point of sale) purchases may not total more than $1,800.00 for the day.   If a technical difficulty occurs that prevents our bank from authorizing transactions, the total maximum amount per day withdrawal will be less until the technical difficulties are resolved.

Q: What is the cost of the card?
A: There is a one-time set-up fee of $10 per account. There is no additional charge for up to two cards. Subsequent cards and replacement cards are $5 each. If you have a Star Account or Gold Star Account at Dublin National Bank, your set-up fee will be waived.

Q: Can I put a stop-payment on a MASTERCARD DEBIT CARD transaction?
A: No. Your MASTERCARD DEBIT CARD places an immediate “hold” for that amount on your checking account.

Q: What functions will result in an authorized hold on my account?
A: Making reservations at a hotel would result in a hold because at the time you place the reservation, you may not know if you will stay a day longer, order from room service or place local calls. The hotel is protected by placing a temporary hold for an amount greater than the room rates. The same is true at a restaurant. When you give the waiter your card, the tip has not been added to it. A temporary hold for an additional 15 to 20 percent might be placed on your account until the transaction is completed. The estimated totals could stay on the system for one to three days until the clearing item for the amount reaches the issuer. The same authorized hold might result from the purchase of airline tickets, car rentals, gasoline or online purchases.

Q: Where can I use my MASTERCARD DEBIT CARD?
A: You may use your card any place that accepts MasterCard. This includes merchants both with and without an electronic terminal to authorize the transaction. When using the card, you (the cardholder) must verify your identity by signing a receipt at the point of sale, or entering your PIN.

Q: How does the card work?
A: At ATMs, the MASTERCARD DEBIT CARD works just like a regular ATM card when you use your PIN number. At stores, restaurants and other merchants, it works like a check. Present the card, sign the receipt or enter your PIN number and your purchase is deducted from your checking account.

Q: Can I get money back when I make a purchase?
A: Yes, if you select DEBIT and enter your PIN when you make a purchase at most merchants.

Q: What if I lose my card or it is stolen?
A: Immediately report the loss or theft during regular business hours by calling Dublin National Bank at 254-445-2213.  After hours call  MasterCard at 1-800-500-1044. You must provide your debit card number to MasterCard. 

Q: What if I don’t know my card has been stolen?
A: By closely monitoring your daily activity online, by phone, or on your monthly account statement, you will be aware of what purchases have been made on your card. If you find purchases that you did not make or did not authorize, contact MasterCard immediately. Our free Internet Bank will allow you quick and easy access to all your account information. Go to Or you can check your account activity by calling our 24-hour Dublin Telebank at (888) 471-3891. If you haven’t already set up your accounts online or on the telebank, we encourage you to do so. If you need help, just call us.

Q: What fees are associated with the use of an ATM card or a debit card?
A: There is no charge to use our ATM, which is located on the front of the Dublin National Bank building. When you use your card at any other ATM machine, Dublin National Bank will assesses a fee of $2.00.   Most other ATM owners assess a surcharge of $1.50 to $2.50 when you use their machine. 

Q: How can I contact Dublin National Bank?
A: Mail:

Dublin National Bank Division of Bank of Houston, N.A.
128 S. Patrick
PO Box 199
Dublin TX 76446

Telephone: (254) 445-2213
Fax: (254) 445-4956
Telebank: 1-888-471-3891

Internet Bank: